If you are interested in a career in the construction industry we would like to talk to you! We hire people we know are in search of a professional, fast-paced, team-oriented culture.

Employment Opportunities

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We are one big team made up of about 7 smaller teams. Every day is different. Every project is an adventure. Every client/owner is a long-term partner. We really love solving problems together; trouble-shooting, thinking, dreaming, planning, and helping clients and owners turn their dreams into reality. Our design, project management and construction teams consistently work together. We create a great experience for our clients and the best possible final building.

One of the best things about working at Mills Construction is that there are no two days exactly the same. Every day has a sense of accomplishment as you see the project progress. When it is finished you can drive by the building for years to come knowing the part you played in building it and how it is serving to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Reasons to Work at Mills Construction:

  • We are a strong team
  • We care about one another’s well being
  • New ideas are encouraged and supported
  • We are family-owned and welcome family
  • We are committed to inspiring personal and professional development

Reasons to NOT Work at Mills Construction:

  • You think your actions and decisions don’t affect your teammates
  • You want to be alone without any accountability
  • You really don’t care about the philosophy or values of the company you work with
  • You consider your job to be separate from every other aspect of your life
  • You just want to make a ton of money but work as little as possible
  • It is just too hard to get out of bed

We Offer

  • Year-Round Employment
  • Safety Program
  • Nationally Recognized On-The-Job Continuing Education Training Program
  • Competitive Compensation
  • 401k/Roth Retirement Savings Plans with Matching Contributions
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Health, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Paid Vacation, Sick Time, Holidays and Funeral Leave
  • Meal Stipend for travel outside of Brookings
  • Gym Membership Reimbursement

Working at Mills Construction :

Our team works hard and plays hard!

Life in Brookings