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1704 The Farmstead, White Chris Christopherson & Crew Sheetrock is hung in the north wing and is in the process of being taped. East wing is ready for mechanical and electrical rough-ins which are starting next week. Demo is about 85% complete in the south wing.  Most of the underground rough-ins are done on the south wing and framing has started.  Starting on January 15th, we will be focusing on the clinic area so we can get that done in 5 weeks.

1702 HD Electric, Clear Lake Brian Schmidt & Crew The office area is enclosed except for the roof.  Hopefully we can get some calm days in the next few weeks so we can get the office roof on. Once the office is enclosed, we will work on the warehouse steel and, on bad weather days, we will frame the interior walls for the office.

1701 GracePoint Wesleyan Church Jerry Ehlebracht & Crew The building is now enclosed with exterior sheathing and

roofing. The brick layer continues to lay brick at the exterior façade while temps allow.

On the interior of the building all the interior walls on both 1st & 2nd floors are framed and the plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, and electrical subs are busy doing their rough-ins. Our crews are working on misc. demo, backing, blocking, door frames, and many miscellaneous items making sure the details are all being installed. The insulation and drywall will begin in roughly three weeks.


1700 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Huron Greg Kastner All foundations are complete and are ready for the structural steel. The underground plumbing and electrical are complete and are ready for the floors. It was decided to pour the first floor after the building is enclosed due to the current temps. The mason has completed the first stair tower and is working on the second one. Once the temps are more favorable, he will be back to finish this last stair tower and then complete the elevator shaft. The structural steel should begin in three weeks. Once the steel shows up, the building will really start taking shape. There is one more bid package including all the interior finishes that will be bid out in late January.

1699 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Watertown Darin Dobrenski and Crew The building is enclosed and the roofing has been installed.  The aluminum windows are in and our crew is currently working on insulation and interior blocking.  Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are underway and we should be hanging drywall by the end of the month.

1697 SDSU Performing Arts Center Nick Chaney & Crew All of the glue lams are installed and decking will be

wrapping up this week.  Over the next few weeks, we will be installing a 2x8 sleeper system that includes 3 layers of densdeck and insulation.  After the insulation is installed we have to install one more layer of OSB and then our work on the exterior of the Recital Hall will be complete.  In a few weeks we will start roof blocking in Areas D & E.  We will also be starting on toilet accessories and building specialties installation in Areas A & B in late January.

1695 H&M Land House Randy Scholl & Crew Underground plumbing is done. We will start framing this house around mid-February with completion of this new home scheduled for May.


1690 Millborn Seeds Seth Skinner & Crew Things are really coming together on this project.  The cladding has been installed on the front entry canopy.  Drywall and interior paint are complete in the office.  The acoustical ceiling grid has been installed and mechanical and electrical trim outs are underway.  The concrete floor polishing is complete and carpet tile is going in this week.  Our crew is currently working on window trim and cabinets.  They will be installing the glulam stairs soon. 



The Landing 

Kyle Groenewold & Crew


7111 – 2137 & 2139 Goldenrod Trail. All of the exterior walls will be framed up by the end of this week.  After that, we will sheet the walls and then we will start setting the roof trusses.  Our plan is to have the building enclosed by the end of January.  Both sides of the unit are unsold at this time.


7301 – Helmsman - Navigator. We have a new floor plan at The Landing.  The Helmsman – Navigator is a corner unit that has about 1500 square feet on each side of the twin home along with 3 stall garages.  We were able to get the foundation installed before the cold weather came.  We will start framing on this building once Mariner 7111 is enclosed.  Our plan is to enclose the building, and then finish backfilling while doing underground rough-ins.






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