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1704 The Farmstead, White  Chris Christopherson & Crew  Demo has wrapped up on the north wing.  Underground plumbing and electrical were wrapped up last week and Chris and crew patched in the concrete floor above them.  This week, we will be working on framing the north wing along with some roof blocking.  We should be able to finish up the north wing framing late next week with electrical and mechanical rough-ins to follow.  Also, the north and south wing roofs have been replaced and are mostly finished except for gutters and gravel stop.  Right now, we are a week ahead of schedule and Chris plans on keeping it that way.  Special thanks to Bob and his crew for helping out with a bunch of demo to get the project ahead of schedule.

1702 HD Electric, Clear Lake  Brian Schmidt & Crew All of the interior concrete has been poured and Brian and crew are busy setting steel.  The office steel has been set and they are currently setting the steel in the warehouse.  The steel should be mostly wrapped up by the end of next week with the front canopy steel to follow.  Once all of the steel is erected, we will start on framing the office walls or wall steel, depending on weather. 

1701 GracePoint Wesleyan Church Jerry Ehlebracht & Crew The structural steel work is nearing its completion. The 2nd floor concrete work is going to be finished-up this week along with the last of the foundations and the last first-floor pour. Once all the concrete and steel is complete, the rest of the steel stud walls will be framed up to enclose the building. The brickwork will begin within the next two weeks. The crew is working hard to get the building enclosed before the temps get too cold.

1700 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Huron  Greg Kastner The footings and foundations are being installed and

are coming along nicely. The backfilling will begin this week and the underground rough-in will begin within the next two weeks. The geothermal well drilling is just over half done and will continue until completion. The 3rd bid package went out for bids last week including the interior masonry, structural steel, rough carpentry, and roofing. This work will be bid on the 17th. The masonry and structural steel will begin soon after they are bid.

1699 Dakotaland FCU Watertown  Darin Dobrenski and Crew  The floor slab has been poured and the building is

coming up.  The main level exterior and interior walls are framed and sheathed.  The floor trusses and subfloor have also been installed.  2nd Floor exterior wall framing and roof trusses will get underway this week.  Most of the site has been graded and the base course is down.  The curb and gutter should be poured later this week. 

1697 SDSU Performing Arts Center  Nick Chaney & Crew The last load of glue lams and wood decking will be showing

up later this week.  Nick and crew will have their hands full trying to get the Recital hall closed up as soon as possible.  Next week we will also be installing some doors in Areas D & E, and the following week we will start roof blocking in Areas D & E.  Nick & crew will be pushing hard to try to get us back on schedule but make sure we are doing it as safe as we can.

1690 Millborn Seeds Seth Skinner & Crew The warehouse work is close to wrapped up, and the Owner has started moving their product in.  The HVAC units are set and the warehouse one should be up and running by the middle of the week.  The electrical switchgear is also installed and the warehouse lighting is complete.  The overhead doors and dock levers have been installed as well.  We are tying up loose ends in the office and will start hanging drywall next week.  On the exterior, the concrete flatwork and site grading are complete.  Installation is just getting underway on the Nichiha fiber cement siding panels. 


1689 Brookings Hospital Expansion, Carpentry Package Ron Kramer & Crew  Ron & Crew are finished with our contract work and all that remains are a few punchlist items.  The Hospital looks great and everyone who worked on it can be proud of how it turned out.


The Landing 

Larry VanBallegooyen & Crew


7301 - Goldenrod Trail/Sunflower Road

We have staked out the new corner unit at the corner of Goldenrod Trail and Sunflower Road. This newly designed unit will feature triple garages and two different floor plan layouts. The foundation is scheduled to be worked on over the next couple weeks. Both sides of this unit will be finished over the winter.


7207 - 2126 & 2128 Goldenrod Trail.

7111 – 2137 & 2139 Goldenrod Trail.

We are going to be starting another Mariner and another Voyager twin home this fall.  The foundation and flatwork for the Voyager are poured. The new Mariner unit is dug and currently waiting for the foundation to be poured.  Both buildings will be finished as spec units over the winter.


7206 – 2122 & 2124 Goldenrod Trail.  

2124 Goldenrod is finished off as a spec unit and is move-in ready.


7110 – 2133/2135 Goldenrod Trail

Both sides of this Mariner twin home are completed and the new owners have moved in.





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