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1703 Howard School Remodel  Randy Scholl & Crew  Mills Construction was the low bidder on the Howard School remodel and was awarded the contract. The remodel work in the locker rooms is completed. Work in the Science rooms will be completed this week. Work in the Family Sciences rooms is also near complete. The boys and girls restrooms currently have the partitions being set. Punch list work will begin this week.

1702 HD Electric, Clear Lake  Brian Schmidt & Crew On Monday, we poured 11,000 square feet of concrete for the office floor.  Right now they are working on forming the trench drains for the warehouse.  Once those are complete, we will begin fine grading the warehouse floor with rebar to follow the grading.  Once we have the rebar installed, the in-floor heat will be installed with concrete to follow right after that.

1701 GracePoint Wesleyan Church Jerry Ehlebracht & Crew The structural steel is being installed and the overall design of the building is really taking shape. Half of the first and second concrete floors will be complete this week and the roof bar joists are being installed. The tie-in to the existing building will occur next week as we continue to construct the building to the south. The exterior steel stud framing will begin in a couple weeks as we work to get the building enclosed before freeze up.

1700 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Huron Greg Kastner This Design Build project is managed by Mills Construction. Currently, the dirt work has been started and will continue as we prep the site for concrete. The concrete work will begin in a couple weeks. The office is pushing hard to get the rest of the project bid out to subs from Huron and the surrounding area. This will be a beautiful project when complete. It is great to work with Owners who put their trust in us to design and build a showpiece for them.

1699 Dakotaland FCU Watertown Darin Dobrenski and Crew Sitework started a few weeks ago on this Design Build project, beginning with the demolition of the old Goodyear building.  Following that, the new building footprint had to be over excavated, due to some unsuitable soil conditions, and a new sewer main has been installed through the alley.  The footings are poured on the south 75% of the building and wall forms will start going up this week.  The remaining footings on the north end should be poured by the end of the week. 

1698 Slydog, Madison Randy Scholl & Crew This Design Build project is nearing completion. Currently, the last of the trim is being installed. The conference room quartz top will be set, and the company logos will be stained into the concrete this Wednesday. Punch list work will begin next week.

1697 SDSU Performing Arts Center Nick Chaney & Crew By the end of this week, we should have most of the roof & window blocking completed for areas A & B for the PAC.  Next week, we will begin installing the glue lams over the recital hall.  This will be some very technical work that we will be doing 30 plus feet off of the ground.  We will have the glue lams installed by the end of September, and then we get to install 3” x 6” T & G decking over the top of the glue lams. 

1694 SDSU Plant Science Greg Kastner & Crew The project is now substantially complete. The Owner had an open house on the 31st with many dignitaries present including the Governor. Everything went well and the building looked great. The Owner has moved into the building as beginning to use it for its intended use. The subs have a handful of punch list items yet to complete but hopefully these will be wrapped up by the end of the month. It is awesome to see what can be attained when our people have a passion for what they do. It’s what makes Mills Construction what it is.

1690 Millborn Seeds Seth Skinner & Crew The warehouse concrete floor is nearly complete, with the final pours taking place this week.  Wall insulation and Simple Saver in the warehouse is nearly finished.  Steel stud framing in the office area is complete and most of the windows have been installed.  Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are underway both in the warehouse and office areas.  The parking lot base course is complete and pouring of exterior concrete will begin this week. 


1689 Brookings Hospital Expansion, Carpentry Package Ron Kramer & Crew Ron & Crew are working on hanging doors and installing casework.  Later this week the Donor wall will show up and that will keep us busy for a week installing.  After that, we have 2 – 30’ high walls where we will be installing wood panels.  Most of our work is wrapping up at the hospital but the Construction Manager keeps us busy with odds and ends. 


The Landing 

Larry VanBallegooyen & Crew


7207 2126 & 2128 Goldenrod Trail.
This twin home will be a Voyager floor plan with a sunroom in one unit and a walk out bay in the other. Excavation is complete and the foundation will start in the near future.

7206 – 2122 & 2124 Goldenrod Trail.
2124 – This spec unit is finished and is ready for sale.

7111 – 2137 & 2139 Goldenrod Trail
This twin home will be a Mariner floor plan. Currently, this twin home is being built as a spec unit. The excavation for the foundation will start next week.

7110 – 2133/2135 Goldenrod Trail
This twin home will have a Mariner floor plan with concrete patios. Both units are pre-sold. Shingling and window installation is complete. Soffit, fascia, siding and masonry will soon be completed.
Interior framing, HVAC and wiring rough-in is completed in 2135 Goldenrod Trail. Insulation is scheduled to start this week with drywall hanging and finishing to follow.

Interior framing is nearing completion in 2133 Goldenrod. HVAC and wiring rough-in are scheduled to start this week. Insulation and drywall will start immediately following rough-in completion.





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