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1704 The Farmstead Chris Christopherson & Crew Demo has begun at The Farmstead.  This project consists of gutting the old retirement home in White and turning it into a mixed use building.  There will be 12 apartments, a Clinic, Salon, Daycare, Fitness area, Laundry, Office Space and a Restaurant.  Almost the entire north wing and a large part of the east wing have been gutted except for a few block walls.  Later this week, we will start cutting out some of the concrete floor so that we can install some new sewer lines.  Once the sewer lines are in, we will start framing on the north wing.  The corridors have also been gutted and will be ready for new mechanical / electrical rough-ins soon.

1703 Howard School Remodel Randy Scholl & Crew Randy’s crew is finishing up the last of the punch list at the Howard School. The remaining cabinets have arrived and are being installed. A few small items do remain but we expect them to be completed early next week.

1702 HD Electric, Clear Lake Brian Schmidt & Crew Last Saturday, we poured 14,000 square feet of concrete floor for the warehouse.  It was about a 300 yard pour and it went pretty smooth.  We will have the next 14,000 square foot pour ready for later this week and it is planned to pour on Saturday.  As long as the weather stays nice, our geothermal well field will start going in later this week as well.  Next week we will begin setting steel in the office area.

1701 GracePoint Wesleyan Church Jerry Ehlebracht & Crew The project is rolling along as we complete some major demo to the existing building. The south existing block wall is almost completely torn down and once it is we can then finish setting structural steel, bar joists, decking and complete the remainder of the concrete work. We have hit some road blocks on this project with the existing building but the crew has once again been up for the challenge. Great job goes out to everyone for sticking with the demo phase as it has not been easy. In the next couple weeks we will see the building getting close to enclosed so the subs can get working on their rough-ins.

1700 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Huron Greg Kastner The earthwork is continuing as we work around rain days in Huron. The excavation of the footings and foundations will occur this week and the concrete sub will begin his work. We will be bidding out the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical next week. The project should start ramping up progress soon as more subs get under contract.

1699 Dakotaland Federal Credit Union Watertown Darin Dobrenski and Crew The concrete foundation is complete, along with the underground rough-ins.  The interior footings were poured last week.  Final grading and vapor barrier are underway and the floor slab should be poured later this week and rough framing will begin.  The parking lot grading should also start later this week so we can get going on the concrete pavement before freeze-up. 

1698 Slydog, Madison Randy Scholl & Crew This Design/Build project is nearing completion. We are currently finishing up the punch list for the office area. A final walkthrough is scheduled for tomorrow.

1697 SDSU Performing Arts Center Nick Chaney & Crew Roof and window blocking for areas A & B are about 99% complete.  We have the 2 large glue lams installed in the Recital Hall.  We have another truckload of beams showing up this Friday.  We will start installing these beams next Monday with roof decking to follow right away.  All of the work on the glue lams is 30’ – 40’ up in the air, so make sure we are working safely.

1694 SDSU Plant Science Greg Kastner & Crew The Owner has moved into the building and is grateful to have such a beautiful and well thought out building to conduct research in. Our subs have a handful of punch list items to complete but progress has been occurring.

1690 Millborn Seeds Seth Skinner & Crew Work is nearly complete in the warehouse.  The concrete floor is done and liner panel is nearly done.  The overhead doors are being installed.  Most of the HVAC ducts are installed and units will be set in a few weeks.  The light fixtures are being hung and switch gear will also be going in soon.  The canopy framing is complete, allowing us to install the last few windows and finish the siding installation.  Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are nearing completion in the office and we should be ready for drywall in a few weeks. 

1689 Brookings Hospital Expansion, Carpentry Package Ron Kramer & Crew Ron & Crew are working on punchlist items.  We have a few random cabinets and doors coming in later this week and then we will be done with the punchlist.  Next week we will begin demo on the north radial.  Once that is complete, we will be done with our contracted work at the hospital.  We are scheduled to be done at the end of October. 


The Landing 

Larry VanBallegooyen & Crew


7207 - 2126 & 2128 Goldenrod Trail

We have started another Voyager twin home. The foundation for 7207 is poured. This building will be finished as spec units over the winter.


7206 – 2122 & 2124 Goldenrod Trail  

2124 Goldenrod is finished as a spec unit and is move-in ready.


7111 – 2137 & 2139 Goldenrod Trail

We are going to be starting another Mariner twin home this fall.  The foundation for 7111 will be dug shortly.  We are hoping to have the foundation done in the next couple of weeks. This building will be finished as spec units over the winter.


7110 – 2133 & 2135 Goldenrod Trail

This twin home will have a Mariner floor plan with concrete patios. Both units are pre-sold.


Larry’s crew is currently working on trimming and cabinet installation. Flooring is nearing completion and the final cleaning will occur next week. Closing on 2135 Goldenrod is set for October 18.


Interior framing and mechanical rough-ins are complete in 2133 Goldenrod. Drywall is hung and finishing has started. We are on schedule to start trimming and installing flooring next week. This unit has a closing date of November 1st.





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